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Lichtgitter gratings

Continuous achievement and development of quality, as well as innovative manufacturing processes in combination with a market conforming entrepreneurial spirit have made Lichtgitter to one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of gratings and perforated metal planks.
Lichtgitter GmbH was established in 1929 as a company in the special branch of producing gratings.
In the beginning the production was concentrated on the manufacturing of welded gratings with honeycombed meshes. In 1956, the production of square-mesh locked was added to the programme. In 1960/61 the production of pressure-locked gratings with square and rectangular meshes was started. In 1966 the production of the forge-welded gratings followed. The perforated metals planks, produced in Sulz a.N. completed the extensive product range in 1986.

In the meantime we deliver gratings in various materials like steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well as in the material GRP.

Lichtgitter Izgara Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was established as a partnership of Lichtgitter GmbH in 2002 in Ankara. Both Lichtgitter GmbH and Lichtgitter Izgara Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. have been participated in many projects with the leading companies of Turkey and of all around the world.

In the future, Lichtgitter will address its attention to the permanent improvement of its technical equipment, in order to identify new solutions in the areas of gratings and perforated metal planks.
Progress and innovation require high levels of foresight and responsibility. These are standards that Lichtgitter and its staff are fully committed to meeting and maintaining.

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